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"I'm not like these animals Andrew, I won't force you to .beeg do anything you don't wanna.I'll keep an eye on ya beeg porn though"I said smilin at him"now relax beeg.con and stop trembling O.K" we talked awhile turns out his mother wasn't really dead but she didn't give a shit about him .his father died of cancer and when his mom got even more distant from him he simply left he had been on the streeets nearly a year now. About two days later while in the shower beeg teen the huge black kid,Demarcus was free beeg his name walked up to www.beeg.com me and said "I hear you gotta little boyfriend" "naw just beeg-com a beeg xx friend" "well let me tell you somethin white boy,I'm the big beeh dick in this pin and I dont care how xxxbeeg many times you hit that boy with your axe" "I just wanna get outta here,I'm lookin out for my bunk mate is all" "like I said don't get in my way,you ain't got no axe here to protect you" "Demarcus I know your the bull in this yard, I aint gonna get in your way,I just beeg com. want out beeg coom of here,that's www beeg com all" "well this is a summer camp compared to where we goin"he walked beeg sex away laughing. what the hell was he talkin about an axe? I later found out they called me Axeman behind my back,the rumor was that I hit a kid repeatedly with an axe,rumors gotta love em. my protection of Andrew was beeg porche makin things tense,kids would still jump on him but only when I wasn't around.And they looked beeg indian at me with contempt when I was. Iwasn't exactly playin up the image. I just stayed close to him and that confused and pissed the others off. One day in the rec beeg.coom room they were boxing, we could only do that when there was an instructer around to referee as we woulda killed eachother if there were not. I saw Joshua in the ring he was one of the guys that ran with Demarcus, he was a cute guy but his attitude sucked and sex beeg he liked to hurt people I didnt like that. "hey Axeman free porn beeg why dont you beeg tube put on some gloves and climb on in here?" that was the first time anyone called me that to my face.I definately wasn't scared of this punk and I had beeg milf boxed when I was younger. 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I gloated beeg .com "you pretty good"Demarcus said smilin"want some of me?" "hell no"I said smilin"I'm crazy I aint stupid" he beeg sexxn walked away laughing. What happened in the rec room just stirred the shit even more and they fucked with Andrew even harder.I couldn't be there all the time and they knew it,they wouldn't challenge me but I wouldn't go lookin for them either that would have made me beeg xx the aggressor and that was suicide.Like I said crazy not stupid. I had been there exactly 60 days(about two months) when all hell broke loose,I hadn't seen Andrew all day although I was in my room all beeg porche day. I had assumed they either transfered him or he was released beeg x or sumthin' Late that night a heard I stirring in the hall and a thump at my door,I knew I was gonna get jumped on for sure, I had no beeg movies weapon so I grabbed the heaviest thing beeg 18 I could find which was a hard bound version of "the stand" by Steven King(anyone that has read it knows it a heavy beeg teen book) and I moved towards the door no one in sight so I opened beeg lesbian the door and stepped back book drawn back. What беег I saw still haunts me to this day infront of the beegcom door lay Andrew naked and crying. I leaned down and helped him up and in.Now in all that I had done in my life,one thing I had never done was clean blood and shit off of free beeg someones ass.He www.beeg.com was barely consciouse and I lay him on the bed and whipped his ass off like a baby. When I got him cleaned up I beeg.coom lay there next beeg hindi to him, he was shivering so I covered him with a sheet but he threw it of beeeg weekly. I pulled beeg tubes him to me and held him tightly,me in my boxers he completely naked and trembling, he was so small how could they hurt him like this? fuckin animals. "where were you?" he whispered beeg porn and cried I cried too, I couldn't be there for him always. I knew it and he knew it too.Lookin back now I think thats what haunts me more than www beeg the site of xnxx beeg him lying there on the floor. He finally drifted off to sleep in my arms. Andrew never told me who hurt him but I had an idea. The next day in the shower there was the boy from the bathroom that day,his name was Gary and he was talkin to Joshua and a beeg mom bunch of other kids they were havin quite a laugh. I walked up to all seven of them and looked right at Gary and said. "seen Andrew lately?" my eyes never left his,the other boys moved around me. his eyes dropped and said smilin"maybe" "wanna try with someone a bit bigger?" the others moved closer,then this big boy about 16 moved behind me. "I got your back Axeman"his name was Jack but wwwbeeg for some reason they called him "Cactus"(never figured free porn beeg that one out ;)) "me too" beag.com beeg poto it was a boy a bout beeg videos 15 named Matthew eveyone knew he was gay but no-one fucked beeq.com with him (another mystery) I grabbed Gary and slapped him around,open handed like a beeg video bitch slap. When he swung at www.beeg me I dodged right and punched him tweice in the mouth his lip split wide and he bleed heavy. I kneed him in the gut and let him fall to the beeg moms ground one last kick for good measure,the others only watched and I walked away and got dressed. "thanks Cactus,Matthew. I owe you guys" My actions did no good at all infact it just kept on. one day I was beeg milf in my room and I heard beeg com all this yelling I just knew it was a fight,I ran towards the yelling and the bathroom and I saw Andrew for the last time,his little body hangin from the I beams by his beegxx own xxxbeeg little belt. no-one knew rather he did it himself or if someone else did it. I learned the truth when I opened my book and found a note. dear alex, i know you can't always protect me. i'm just beeeg so tired, no-one needs me. they all hate me,i'm sorry for whatever i did to piss god off so bad, i didn't mean to. thank you for being my friend i never had one before. your the only one i'll miss. bye andrew. I cried and cried more. I don't remember crying so much in my life. I too couldn't figure out what he could have done to piss god off so bad,why beeg xxx did he deserve to be treated so badly. perhaps I should have stayed out of it. I cried until I slept. The days passed slowly. Oone day in counselling my counselor tried to grill me and shot back at him. "why are you so angry Alex?" "I'm not" "what were beeg vids you afraid of?" "what do you mean?" "why were you carrying that knife?" "ummm, maybe to protect myself,kind of a good idea don't you think?" "but look where it got you?" "if not for that knife I mighta been dead,or my friend beegporn Eddie" "so you were protecting your friend?" "yeah I suppose" "who's protecting him now" "oh give me anal beeg a break,you gonna fuckin tell me that I fucked up by stabbin that bitch?" "well you are wwwbeeg in here now aren't beeg hindi you?" "hey man, I ain't one of these fuckin animals,I'm a bit smarter than that.Try your weak textbook lines on someone else. You probably shoulda read more than one chapter of that psych book" he just looked at me"now your angry" "yeah a bit, I'm in this hell hole listening to you practice what you are obviously not qualified to practice.you may know these animals but beeg .com you don't know me man.How long would you last here?" "but I'm not beeg gesetz here" "ever been stabbed in the shoulder?" "no" "if it happens you better hope you have a knife and beeg come your half as tough as me or you'll pass out before you can use it" he only glared at me. "you know i'm innocent, beeg black but mom beeg you have a beeg sexxx job to do,I understand.Is there anything else" he shook his head no "can I leave then?" he nodded.so I started beeg teen to leave "hey Alex.. be careful i dont wanna see you here again you can do so much better" "thanx"and I left. after 105 days of hell I was free they dropped the charges as it was self defense. I guess the point was well taken,I wonder if that asshole judge or prosecuter could have cleaned the blood and beeg.c shit,the smell alone would have sent beeg moms them runnin,oh i'm sure either could have pulled that body from the rapters that would have just been business as usual,part of the job. I couldn't wait to see Iddie. I only got to see him twice the whole time I was there not his fault but beeg anal no-one had time to bring him beeg beeg and mom and dad beeg sexxn couldn't bear to come nor could I face em. Life was gonna be back to normal I was so happy(ever been locked up?everything changes nothing is ever back to normal) and site beeg.com beeg I was out before my birthday.i briefly thought of Reese he had his 11th birthday and I missed it damn. School had started I had missed the first two months. but it was all beeg free better now.... continued i know the story took a strange turn,i was just excorcising demons. thanks again for the wonderful feedback it truly inspiring. if you heard your name mentioned,it may beeg.com have been intentional. free porn beeg however if you have failed to write then you can assume it wasn't ;) others beeg mature i just know and i'm not that original with beeg coom beeg/ names lol thanks again axl beeg . Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 23:21:13 -0400 From: mr. axl Subject: eddie and the axeman 7 disclaimer if your not supposed to read it then beeg video don't this means if your too young go out and live it instead beegxx of reading about it' www beeg com if your old enough but live in a place where the power's that be believe your incapable of makimg such decisions then leave before you get in trouble. and if beeg beeg you insane then read no further as i would hate for a beeg coom young person to be hurt because of www.beeg com my imagination. and oh yeah this is my beeg jepang shit so don't steal it. axl EDDIE AND THE AXEMAN 7 My first day bee out of the boys haven milf beeg was an exhausting one to say the least.My lawywer came along with my mother and father to notify me. There was a bunch of paperwork and then they asked if there was anything I wanted from my room. The only thing I wanted was my book mainly because of the note inside.I never showed it to anyone except beeg 18 Eddie,I mean Andrew's mother didn't care and his beeg xnxx father was dead. Let everyone else think what they wanted. When beeg.c I got home it was gettin dark and I was exhausted,Eddie came by but beegporn I was tired,he understood and said he'd .beeg be back tomorrow. beeg .com The first thing I did was to take a shower ALONE. I stared at myself www.beeg when I got out,I looked myself over closely, had I changed?. I then went to my room and lie on my bed beeg 4k I didnt even beeg-com put on my underwear.I lie under MY blanket tube beeg completely naked in MY bed. Mom came to check on me and asked if I was hungry,I said I wasn't and that I was tired and wanted to sleep. I slept 14 hours without waking but beeg xxx one time to take a piss,and that was beeg hd the end of my first day back to the real world.It's amazing how that works you know? you sleep in your bed all that time and take it for granted,but when you get it ripped beeg.com/ away from you, your body just shuts down when you get it back. Eddie came by the next day after school,my folks and I had gone there that afternoon to go through www beeg.com the usual bullshit.Although we were not required to give details they had already heard the rumours and I had to convince them beegs that I was not gonna be a problem(like I ever was before?)just beeg video another case of makin me jump through b eeg hoops. Eddie was as happy to have me back as I was to be back. We just kinda hung out and talked,it was really nice. He stayed for beeg com. dinner beeg sex video then asked if I wanted him to stay with him.I still wasn't comfortable with my surroundings,I porno beeg mean I lived here most beeg.com/ of my life but it just seemed so beeg hairy foreign.I told him I beeg wanted to be alone. I was really nervous about starting school on monday,how would they treat me? will I still have my friends? I was nervous,Eddie could see it i'm sure but I wouldn't open up to beeh him to let him help. He must have felt so helpless. He came over again on saturday and we beag.com just беег walked around the neighborhood. We talked alot and it just seemed to beeg poto me that he was not liking school too much,everytime I would bring it up he would change the subject.When we got to the old woods in the back of the neighborhood beeg hot b eeg I beeg mature finally xnxx beeg asked him what was wrong? We were headed to the old caves that we had gone to many times in the past,he didnt answer until we www.beeg.com got there. Eddie broke into tears"I missed you so much Alex,I felt soo lost without you.everyone kept asking about you and I just wanted to be left alone." "Its allright baby, I'm here now"I held him beeg gesetz to me "god I missed you so much"and he snuggled into my begg neck. teen beeg "I missed you too"I too was weeping "I'm just glad your back"he beeg sexxn said raising my shirt He began to lick my nipples,(oh god how I missed this)I beeg x grabbed his face and pulled it to mine,I was so worked up I thought I would explode, we removed each others shirts breaking our kiss only long enough to pull them over our heads.He then pulled my pants and underwear sex beeg off in one motion. I lay there as he took me into his mouth it felt so good I closed my eyes and drifted into a state of extacy. suddenly I felt sick to my stomach,my dick went beeg . limp and I started sweating ,my heart pounding in my ears. "stop" I moaned inaudibly "stop"I said this time loudly and pulled away from him Eddie looked at me puzzled "what?" he said. "I said stop" and I looked at him openly not really knowing what else to say. Eddie only looked back at me with a hurt look in his eyes. Neither one of us spoke for about 20 minutes I got dressed and Eddie sat there still beeg mp4 with his shirt off. "I'm sorry, I .beeg owe you an explanation.Problem is I dont know what's wrong with me"I started to cry "Alex it's o.k, I understand." he put his arm around me"remember when I told you about my cousins and the things they did anal beeg to me?" I beeg tube nodded "well I went through a similar experience,and until you came along I was uncomfortable with everyone,I would have sex with any and everyone but I always felt sick afterwards.I think thats why I beeg. com did it.But you helped me get over it and we'll get beeg free through this too" he hugged me tightly. "but I wasn't raped or beat up or anything, beeg xxx whats my excuse?" "I dunno but we'll figure it out" beegporn "It felt so good and then everything went crazy,I tube beeg started remembering everything the rapes I witnessed,Andrew lying infront of the door,and then his small body hanging from the rafters.I lost it then" We held each other for beegs awhile and I asked if he wanted to stay with me that night,ofcourse beeg vids he accepted stating "but no funny stuff" and he tipped me a wink. We headed home and ofcourse Eddie could stay the night so we went straight to my room until dinner,we talked somemore and I pretty much told him everything. I decided to wait til after dinner to show him the note. While he was reading it i remembered www beeg com the words verbatim,I started to cry as they came beeg sexxx to my mind like the words of a song.I mean I couldn't believe that this kid considered me a friend after i nearly forced him to suck my dick. I was mean porn beeg to him too no-one ever loved Andrew and I was as bad as the rest.I mean I did like him but I never told him that,all these thoughts raced through beeg/ my mind as I remembered his face.His green eyes,his dark brown beegs hair,the little glasses he wore. He was so small and fragile. I cried in eddie's arms until I beeg porn was cried out he held beeg. me patiently until I was beeg..com too exhausted beeg. com to https //beeg.com cry anymore then we sat in silence. "I'm gonna take a shower"I said." be back in a minute" Eddie got undressed and got under the covers,when I got out of the shower i dropped my towel and got under the covers with him. "hold me "I whispered beeg come and he did quickly without hesitation. We drifted beeg ass off to sleep in eachothers arms when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee Eddie was still beeg.con holding onto me.I had to slip out of his grasp which also pulled the sheet off of his body.It was the first time I had seen my lover's naked body in nearly 3 and hd beeg porn beeg a half months. When I came back from the bathroom Eddie still was not awake so I sat and watched him sleep. He looked so lovely sleeping peacefully.I reached out a gently rubbed beeg anal that dark patch of pubic hair,causing him to stir slightly. I gently caressed his dick.(had beeg. com it changed any?) I looked his body over closely,sure that he beeg tubes had changed somehow,he was growing hard now,so I leaned beeg xvideos down and tasted him, his smell was intoxicating beeg gesetz and I raised his legs gently so I could taste he sweet beeg moms boy-pussy. It was even better than I imagined it. He mom beeg stirred again but beeg tube did not wake up. It was not until I indian beeg began to enter him that he looked beegxxx up at me sleepily with a look of bliss on beeg hindi his face. He was so hot inside I nearly came before I was all the way in,he pushed back against me allowing me to get all the way in as we both moaned in unison. I began to pump slowly but milf beeg as my climax grew I pounded fiercely,not like I used to when beeg hd we made love.Looking back now I understand the look that Eddie had on his face as I fucked him hard and furious.He knew that this was not making love but instead fucking. He thrust back against me as I fucked into him beeg mp4 getting ever closer to the release I so desperatly needed. Suddenly I exploded ,and for the first time ever he did not come when I came inside of him. I withdrew and rolled over on my side,Eddie said nothing indian beeg he would ofcourse bring it up months later. I fell www.beeg..com alseep feeling more restless than ever. The next day Eddie went beeg black home after breakfast,he had alot of homework to do so he probably wouldn't be back by til later that night,if then. I just bummed around the house that day,mom tried to engage me in conversation several times but I was offish and didn't feel like talking. Eddie finally showed up later that night after dinner and beeg jepang we went up to my room. "man, I bet everything has changed at school,hasn't it?"I said nervously. "naw, xxx beeg not really.but I'll bet they drive you crazy with questions" "well fuckem, let them think what they want. I'm tired of talkin about it" I said gettin worked up. "I hate school"Eddie said. "well I'm here now so we'll have some fun with it" "we won't have any of the same classes,we www beeg never do anymore" "well we still got lunch and will see each beeg hot other in the halls" "yeah,well I better go"he said "I'll be by to pick беег you up in the morning" "alright,see ya buddy" I said still as nervous as ever. The next day Eddie was early and so we headed out early just takin our time and talkin' about nothing in particular, a bus rode by and someone yelled "hey axeman" (oh no not here too) i was starting to get real nervous now. "hey it's cool man,just relax"Eddie said trying to comfort me. No-one called me that to my face but there were alotta stares as i walked in beeg.c to the school,several of my friends from the year before came beeg.com up to me to say hi,but some avoided me (only a few though) I was beeg sex starting to to feel a little more comfortable. "hey Eddie" i heard someone say,it was an older guy about beegxxx 16 "see ya later right?" Eddie just nodded his site beeg.com beeg head and beeg videos looked down. "hey cool,you didn't tell me you been runnin with juniors,hell we probably coulda gotten a ride to site beeg.com beeg school or sumthin'" "naw I don't hang with him,he's just fuckin' with me" "what do you mean?" "nothin'just forget it o.k?" beeg massage I looked at him a minute,he wasn't telling me beeq.com something ( and Eddie tells me everything),but i decided to let it go for now. We went our seperate ways as 1st period started "I'll meet you out here after class"eddie said as he was leaving. "cool,c'ya" Class was ofcourse uneventful with exception to a few stares from kids I didn't know.I just ignored them. Eddie was right there waiting for me as promised,on our way to the next class that guy walked by again. He said Hi to Eddie again so I beeg xnxx stopped him www.beeg..com to introduce myself. "Hey what's up I'm Alex,Eddie's friend" beeg mom the guy looked at me with a strange look on his face. "This is Ryan" Eddie said as he looked down again. I offered my hand to be shook "nice to meet you Ryan" He took my hand tentatively "you new here Alex?" "Naw just started late had a few things to straighten up before i could start school is all" Eddie tugged at my arm. beeg come "see ya Ryan" Eddie said. "yeah in about ten minutes right?" "mmhmm" and we walked away. "You have a class with him?" "no" he said plainly,but said nothing else. I knew to let it go,something was bothering Eddie, but he wasn't going to tell me. Now I know beeg lesbian it was wrong but I had to know what was going on,so i decided to find out what was up.As soon as class started i told the teacher i had to www.beeg..com go to the bathroom,she didn't give me usual b.s about going beeg massage beeg videos before class,she just let bee me go.I walked by Eddie's class and looked in the door,he wasn't in there so I decided to check the bathroom. when i opened the door i heard all i needed to hear. "yeah suck that dick boy,you know you like it" i peeped beeg.com/ around the corner and Ryan was leaning against the sink as Eddie was beeg indian down on his knees with Ryan's hands www beeg.com on the back of his head. "you like that cock don't you?" he said gasping. Eddie was working furiously on Ryan's fat cock (it must have been 6+ beeg vids inches around) and Ryan had his head leaned back as beeg sexxx he fucked into Eddie's face. indian beeg "I'm gonna cum and your gonna drink every drop, ain't ya?" then he beeg hot grunted and pulled Eddie's head al the way against his light brown bush. I knew Eddie would be mad at beeg ass me beeg poto if he knew porno beeg I knew so I snuck out before they could see me. I beeg massage was destracted all day,wondering why Eddie was putting up with porno beeg this shit usually he would have atleast tried to kick this guy's beeg hairy ass or takin' an asswhopopin before doin sumthin he didn't want too. I had to figure out a way to bring it up,but how? I beeg. went back to class wondering how to confront Eddie,I decided to just let it go for now.At the end of class i just went to my next and then beeg jepang my next without waiting for Eddie. At lunch he came up to me, "hey ,where you been?" "duh,school " I said. "why beeg . didn't you wait for me" "well I didn't think you were gonna hold my hand all day, so when I didn't see you I just went to class" "oh " is all he said,i beeg anal watched him close,he wasn't lettin on that anything was wrong. when Ryan walked by he didn't even acknowledge us,man this place was gettin wierder and wierder. While walkin home at the beegxx end of the day I tried to get Eddie to talk about Ryan but www.beeg com he wasn't given anything up,so i let it drop. We both had homework so we parted ways i was kinda spent so i told Eddie i'd see him tomorrow. When I got home all beeg com. I could think about was what I saw.See here's the thing,its not like Eddie were a couple or nuthin',I mean we fucked and sucked people all the time,but www.beeg we told each other about it.What beeg 4k if he liked doin this and wanted to be with Ryan more?,what if he didn't want to tell beeg sex video me because he beeg com was through with me?. I felt like he was cheating on me simply because it was as close to lieing as one could come,not telling me I mean. I showered,finished my homework and then drifted off to sleep. The next day i knew what i wanted to do. Eddie was there the next morning bright and early again. This time several people passing by yelled "hey axeman". what could i do? When we got to school it was pretty much a repeat of the day before,even down to Ryan walkin up for a sec milf beeg and sayin hi to Eddie,he did not acknolwedge me. and then teen beeg it was off to first beeg porno period,and after there was Ryan same comment, therefore I would be needing to use the bathroom in the begging of second period. When I got to the bathroom i heard the moans again,i almost xxx beeg hoped that Eddie beeg.coom was receiving this time but not. there they were in beeg porn videos the same position. "yeah,suck that dick boy. you love it don't ya?" I teen beeg walked in this time. "hey Eddie you didn't tell me ya'll had it like that?" they both looked at me with surprise. "I hope your gonna share,I mean to keep such a big dick all to anal beeg yourself would be wrong"I smiled"you dont mind if I get a taste too. beeg xvideos do you Ryan?" "uh,no?" he stammered "good, maybe we could all do eachother" Eddie looked at me pleadingly "uh no"Ryan said "you beeg porno already said that Ryan,yes was the correct response this time" I said as I took him into my mouth,he did beeg porn videos taste and smell real nice, and www beeg.com damn was he built. he started to moan. "yeah suck it bitch" did I hear beeg mp4 that right? now I'm porn beeg his bitch? without warning I grabbed his